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Six red story

"Six red" story is that Wang Xianchen the son of a night of gambling, the dice will be lost to Humble Administrator's Garden xu. The ancient notes recorded the thing. It is said that when Xu Shaoquan took one thousand two hundred silver and Wang Xianchen's son gambling, agreed to cast the color of the six points on the dice are red winner. Gambling for a long time, until he was almost, Xu Shaoquan called for prostitutes, and instrumental ensemble. When he began to weary, Xu Shaoquan will he to the Humble Administrator's garden to gambling, and secretly took six are six red dice, saw the dice on the six point is red, all the people were amazed cried out in here, since in general it is not possible. The son of Wang Xianchen is not cheating, disconcertedly feel lost, could not say a word, then Humble Administrator's Garden lost to Xu Shaoquan. Later, the son of Wang Xianchen to come down in the world, unable to get up after a fall, the grandchildren, poor to condole for industry.