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WangXianChen, words and the tree, the rain. Wu ancestors, national guard nationalities clothes. Ming examinations six years (1493) a jinshi, ShouZhi pedestrian, and promotion for criticism. But his political career is not smooth, had twice been east factory the coin framed. A being held in prison, and 30, Zhe HangCheng on. After a time in 17 years examinations (1504), fallen guangdong yi cheng. We first year (1506), moved the RenYongJia ZhiXian. BaGuan household after 。

 At that time WangXianChen just more than 40 years old, as are. After return, he with better really FeiZhi and big hong Taoist temple site made the humble administrator's garden. From then on free and unfettered complacent, enjoy the music of the bear 。

 WangXianChen lived 67 years after, 73 years old, is in the eighteenth year of jiajing to twenty-four years between, about 70 years old. After his death, betting on its night, will lose in the gardens XuShi, sun for industry to funerals 。