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The Tower Shadow Pavilion
  1. The Tower Shadow Pavilion

  • Attraction Name: The Tower Shadow Pavilion

  • Location: Western Garden

  • Construction Category: Pavilion

You may feel extremely delightful to look back Tower Shadow Pavilion in Stay-and-Listen Parlor. The pyramidal-roof octagonal pavilion reflected in the water is just like a pagoda, dignified and contented, which is regarded as a unique landscape in West Garden. Tower Shadow Pavilion is located at the end of the garden, whose location is quite unnoticeable. The smart owner built a pavilion at the place where water was to end. If the entire West Garden can be compared to be a melodic music, then Tower Shadow Pavilion will be the last note. The music ending abruptly may make people feel awkward, but the Tower Shadow Pavilion here helps to form a complete piece of music. Even better, there is not only a pavilion but also shadows, just like lingering music in the air, impressive and memorable.