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 WenZhiMing (1470——1559),At the beginning of its name, word of Ming, in words after line, the change of the word still, no stop cloud, BieHao hengshan koji, changzhou (now suzhou wuxian). To draw, books, poetry and art activities in mostly longest and become the representative of the school door wu. And tong pak fu, ZhuZhiShan, XuZhenQing saying "the chiangnan four wit" (also called the wu door four wit). And ShenZhou, tong pak fu, QiuYingYu called the "Ming four home". Old age WenZhiMing and teacher ShenZhou, innovating the ShenZhou later become monsters wu leader 。

    WenZhiMing by Confucian culture from the strict education, 20 ShenZhou with painting, 22 years old with LiYingZhen study calligraphy, 26, WuKuan with increasing, learn the wide home, a solid, and highly comprehensive, talented, but the imperial official is difficult, from 26 years old has been exam to 53 years, even take an examination of 10 times miss obtained by people recommend, 54, besides the award to stay within the academician, so it is also said to the letter. But it got dark and officialdom and sectarian faction harsh, after three years of home and to, to amuse the life of the forest calligraphy swim, and send in the natural between mountains and rivers, including interest in cloud of hassles, in his book "FuTian set" 36 volume 。

The humble administrator's garden and the Lord of the garden WangXianChen invited him to design the humble administrator's garden, he GanKaiXiZhi is the "unique envied the king", can be in the chest of consciousness JiYun long-term accumulated really be express for reality. Therefore, he was very actively involved in the matter. At the same time, WenZhiMing appreciate WangXianChen moral fiber, the communication very close, raised to language learned ", two people have ChangChou prose, early namely "the good results of the how". There is little that about him and WangXianChen have a common feeling, that is really turned to disappointment and official with loving landscape, the pursuit of quiet, so the WenZhiMing should WangXianChen in wales, out of the studio to design for his gardening, this in WenZhiMing from today known historical data to see for the first time. He MingZhengDe respectively in eight years and jiajing seven years, and twelve years, 30 years and 37 years once successively five times for WangXianChen painted the humble administrator's garden figure. The existing "the humble administrator's garden figure" is the third time for twelve years jiajing of the atlas, JuanBen albums, page to pack, a total of 31 picture, every picture a scenic spot, each department to poetry, the poems always known as the the humble administrator's garden poem "or" the humble administrator's garden figure chorale ". He also at twelve years Ming (AD 1533) also wrote "the humble administrator's garden's record", and in the gardens have planted wisteria 。

WenZhiMing he was 90 years old, is "wu door four wit" in the most long-lived a. He was nearly ninety years old, it assiduously, a book an epitaph, not to finish, "then buy pen sits away".