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The Good-For-Both-Families Pavilion
  1. The Good-For-Both-Families Pavilion

  • Attraction Name: The Good-For-Both-Families Pavilion

  • Location: Western Garden

  • Construction Category: Pavilion

 It is on the left of Moon Gate near a rockery. Walking along the rockery to the path, one can see a hexagonal pavilion at the peak which is Good-For-Both-Families Pavilion. At that time, Central Garden and West Garden of the Humble Administrator’s Garden belonged to two owners. The owner of West Garden built a pavilion to watch the scenery his envied in Central Garden. Meanwhile, the owner of Central Garden can also look at the towering pavilion in West Garden. They could see each other as a part of the scenery, which would be fun! A pavilion is good for both families, which is adding sight and love to each other. This is how this wonderful pavilion and landscape came out.