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A garden floating cui cabinet, said to the original is the taiping heavenly kingdom of government office of loyal watchtower, for three layer fanciful, ZhangLvQian change its built into the second floor 。

On ZhangLvQian word order, a from suzhou, from number no dirty koji. The grandparents home business, I with operating wagers salt industry, and in the northeast street (now suzhou in the new museum) open the pawn margin. Xuantong first year, served as a business always the fourth prime minister in suzhou. He had the be contributed the card shark bit, President of the ZhangZiDong contributed to a small JingGuan, in the house for a "problems" plaque.

    ZhangLvQian love calligraphy and painting, and ZhangZiDong sun are cool eosinophilic kunqu opera. Zhang and a famous school door wu deep companionship, often a closed-door, GuReBo painter. GuHeYi, such as LiuLianFu often 2 party, and join in to fill the arrangement. Zhang had hired the father of YuZhenFei YuSu dormant for XiXi, often with YuSu from world of folk art, and many times in thirty six mandarin duck the QingChang kunqu opera will be held. Young YuZhenFei also CengHeZi premiere on the east 。